Data Analytics

Business insights at your fingertips with real-time dashboards that dive deep into your data. We mainly use Power BI, Grafana, Google Data Studio, and Python to visualize your organization’s data. We provide Extraction, Warehousing, Transformation, and Visualisation of data.

Why Kaliso?

Unlock Business Insights

Identify hidden insights and business trends by visualizing your organization’s data. Kaliso provides a solution that would provide business leaders with a complete overview of the organization at a click of a button. You would have all your organization’s data at your fingertips whenever and wherever you are.

We will build Interactive dashboards with real-time data that connects multiple data sources inside your organization as well as external market data.

Digital Storytelling

Understand how your data works and connect the dots. Our team would work with you in reading the data and providing actionable insights by connecting multiple processes together.

Through tailor-made dashboards, we will carry out detailed reason analysis to identify the root cause of exceptions, build predictive models that help you take proactive decisions, and measure performance in every aspect of your operations flow.

Through this Kaliso would share with you stories that help celebrate success or to understand bottlenecks to take proactive decisions.

Digital Change Management

With our 16+ years of collective experience, we understand that a digital solution is only effective as long as it adds value to your organisation.

Kaliso wont just make attractive reports and applications, we will take the time to understand what you and your operational staff would need to provide a solution that would make each user’s lives easier. We work on highly automating the data collection process and ensuring that our reports provide more than just actionable insights. 

This approach to service delivery has given our solutions a massive success rate without just being pristine technology sitting on the shelf.

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